Sticky Rib Sauce

Having looked around on the internet for a sauce to dress up a massive rack of ribs I had in the freezer (yes, I did say massive rack), I was worked up into a state of mild annoyance. Why, I wondered, do so many of these sauces have a base of honey. Too much honey is the death of a sauce because in my experience the sugary stuff burns to a bitter crisp as soon as it sees the inside on an oven! Oh sure, a bit of carbon goodness is most welcome on the corner of a rib, but no one wants to eat coal.

So here is a recipe of my own, gathered from all the things I had in the larder, with a non-easily burning base of pasata, and a bit of honey.



Half a jar of pasata

Two tbsp of honey

Two tbsp of brown sugar

A good slug of oyster sauce

A squirt of tomato paste

A slosh of lemon juice

And a couple of star anise

And for a bit of optional spice, a dollop of sweet chilli sauce (oh what great blogger am I, I forgot to include it in the  photo)

Mix it all together and adjust to taste.



I think this is best on ribs, but we I also enjoyed it with some friends over chicken.



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