Iron Man 3

Since watching XMen cartoons as a kid and making all my friends act out fights in the playground- I cast myself as Storm and Elinor was the lesser known character Jubilee if I remember rightly- I have always had a soft spot for super hero movies. When the Iron Man franchise launched and was, in my opinion, the epitome of epic, that soft spot grew larger and spread through me, rendering me a humanoid shaped blancmange. Oh how I love the Stark.

What Iron Man has is balance. If you’re going to dress up in a fancy suit with earnest intentions and battle an arch nemesis, you’re going to have to have self awareness and a good sense of humour as well, otherwise you’re at risk of looking like a silly old ponse who thinks he’s the mega pants of everything, and people are going to take the piss. (Batman, sorry mate, I’m looking at you) Action, humour and a compelling personal story make Iron Man 3 a cracking, and most entertaining watch.

And yet in a way it’s Tony’s personal struggle that both makes the film shine, and trips it up a little. The real villain is Tony’s past mistakes and recent traumas, all of which is portrayed very well, but it doesn’t leave much room for the dude with the gun, or as the case may be, the super heating exploding bloke. Following rather promising scary villainous behaviour at the beginning of the film and a love/hate twist (I think I love, but I’ll have to see how I feel when I watch it again), the enemy we face at the climactic battle feels uncomfortably familiar. Near enough world domination, money, monologing, a creepy smile and just for good measure he’ll snag the girl. That’s alarmingly same old same old for swish Mr Iron Man, and I was missing Whiplash and his parrot.

So who shines in this film? Iron Man with his struggles, Pepper’s more involved part and nice haircut, Happy- because we love him, and Ben Kingsley’s shockingly versatile acting. Oh, and I liked the kid.

Looking tarnished? The mega Baddy is a bit samey (but then, is that avoidable?). I had not a sausage of emotional investment in the president and his state of peril, perhaps I am a monster.

Well now, look at me with my balanced review. Aside from all that. I LOVED IT.



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