Bastille-Bad Blood

I knew I would like this album. I enjoyed the singles unreservedly and I had faith that the rest would be good. This did not however, prevent me from having faint turn when I loaded the CD into my iTunes library and the word ‘electronica’ appeared twelve times over under the genre heading. Perhaps I’m working from something of a stereotype, but electronic music just isn’t my bag, a cacophony of bleating plug in machines yipping and beeping like a robot through a mangle? No thanks Susan. Even the slight electronic vibe that ran through the hallowed Killer’s latest album was enough to give me uncomfortable qualms (I got over it though, Dave’s guitar will do much to mollify), so I was worried that Bad Blood wouldn’t be the winner I was hoping for.

But fear not, especially my friend Phil who bought the album for me as a very belated birthday present (mentioned on the blog, you’re famous), because it’s actually amazing. The sound  sits somewhere in-between electronic and rock music, never going so far as to drown the vocals with that odd cyber singing but never breaking out into a smashing guitar riff either. Basitlle have made catchy songs that sit happily atop the charts, but they’re not going to bludgeon you with anything. But are we tethered to re raked subjects and overused lyrics? I don’t think so, with songs called Pompeii, Icarus and Daniel And The Lions Den, there’s your indi fibre right there, and I do love a song that keeps you listening to the words.

Good all the way through, like a Battenberg, this album merits many repeats, I could cook to this music for many a happy hour. And I have actually, see the cake below.



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