And where on earth have you been?

Oh dear blog, I apologise for such flagrant neglect but I have been trying to make my room habitable and letting go of two years’ worth of stuff from my A Levels. I don’t consider myself a hoarder as such, at least not one that’s so bad I end up on that TV show I can’t quite remember the name of, but nonetheless I find it difficult to throw away stuff like school work. I spent two years of my life putting so much effort into the stuff then it just has to be thrown away and it seems such a waste of my life. This was my A2 work and my A2 revision it comes up to my knee (and if you’re thinking ‘that’s not high at all she’s just short’ I’m somewhere in the region of 5’8’’)

Knee High Revision (I did say I was buried in it)

Knee High Revision (I did say I was buried in it)

But this sort of stuff is what I tend to hoard badly it took until the start of my A levels to throw away my lower school books and even then I kept all the GCSE history books (I was doing history A level) and the maths books. Now I hate maths but they were product of 3 years of incredibly difficult work for me and I couldn’t just let them go. I can convince myself that they’ll come in useful somehow, I may need to quickly flick back through my book in order to find out how to balance an equation in real life, or I may be desperately stuck on how to find the longest side of a triangle. Two things most likely to occur in a pub quiz when I won’t be near my books, also it never really occurred to me to just check the internet.


So that was Sunday and Monday. What on earth have I been doing on Tuesday and Wednesday then? Well I’ve been babysitting my mums new pet rabbit Domino she likes to run around a lot so as I’m at home I tend to spend a couple of hours sitting in mums study with an inquisitive 9 week old rabbit chewing my shoes. She particularly likes the chairbed in the room and often sit’s on there although currently she’s trying to burrow into it. Here’s a picture of her in her favourite place.

Domino say cheese

Domino say cheese

 Well I’m going to have another cup of tea, watch some more Doctor Who and finish some drawing for Gwen.


au revoir




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