The Hodgeheg

Meet Montague Henry Scott. My brother and his wife found him yesterday lying on their drive, they thought he had been run over, but on approach he got up and started staggering around, they decided to rescue him and the poor mite was whimpering. It being a Sunday and today a bank holiday they couldn’t get hold of any local animal people, and the two of them were going off on honeymoon the next day! Poor Montague’s prospects where not looking good. Lucky, we where on hand to take care of him until he can be checked out, though he’s looking much better now, and is staying in the warm comfort of our empty rabbit hutch. He’s not at all shy, he noshed down some cat food and now, if you open up the little bedroom of the hutch, you can see him curled up in the straw, snoring to himself.


Incidentally the name Montague that my brother sister in law picked means ‘pointed hill’, most appropriate.



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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2 Responses to The Hodgeheg

  1. I do wonder whether he should have been called Cyril *wink* though he’s probably luckier if isn’t 😉

  2. mum6kids says:

    ooo He’s so CUUUUUTE!
    Ahem. Enough of that. Time for a cuppa

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