The Easy Do It Yourself Skirt

Yes I know I’m late by four days from when I said I would post, I was too lazy to do my ironing essentially because this skirt had gone through the wash and was really creased and unblogworthy and I hadn’t hemmed the waist until just gone. So no real excuse I’m just lazy.

I often find that the shop bought skirt is a good deal too short for my liking, I am not of the opinion that my bottom should be on show to the general public so I have extreme difficulty trying to find a skirt I want to wear and spend money on. So I discovered at about 2am one day that if I cut a dress, with which I have similar issues of length, at the waist line then it would make a skirt I could wear at any height. So that’s exactly what I did, cut my summer dress in half and hey presto I have a skirt that I like.

At this juncture I would like to point out this wasn’t an expensive dress, it was about £8 from H&M, also if you’re going to do this choose an elasticated waist in a dress because then you don’t have to change anything to the structure of the dress. The only thing left to do is straighten up the edge and that’s it.

Here are some pictures of my skirt, I did neglect to take a photo of the original dress I apologise but the dress ended about four or five inches above my knee.

Un EDIY Skirt

Un EDIY Skirt

Le hem

Le hem

au revoir



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