If I was several shades braver

I know it sounds quite pathetic but I was looking on someone’s blog (Briar Rose  if you’re interested its really cool over there) and I found myself thinking “Damn that’s something I’ll never be brave enough to do”. I know you should take the chance to do as much as possible and I haven’t done a lot compared to other people, I haven’t been anywhere fantastic like the Amazon or done anything amazing like paragliding over the Gobi desert. I’ve had a quiet life at home and done little ordinary things, in little ordinary ways but I have been happy because I’ve done all of those things with my friends and I think that counts for a lot.

But these are things that if I was braver I would do…

Dye my hair red like this: I really love this shade but I’m too scared to tough my hair with dye because I’m so afraid it won’t ever go back to its natural colour

Get my ears pierced like this  I like the idea of wearing odd earrings and mixing them up but I’m a coward

Wear more makeup. I wear foundation, a little concealer and light brown eye shadow and that’s it. Part of me would love to wear eyeliner and lipstick but I hate drawing attention to myself.

Talk to people. If I meet new people I’m horrendous at talking to them, but if I’m with people I already know then I just tend to talk them a lot louder than normally would have done. No idea where that’s come from but it’s new.

Tell people I watch what everyone else deems “geeky” stuff like Doctor Who, Merlin, Star Trek (although that was more my parents doing) and that, straight away. Instead I usually hide it and just let it slip much later on.

Be okay with people knowing about my memory. I have a very good memory for most things, but particularly film and TV I think just seeing and hearing graphic things really imprints in my mind, apparently my Granddad was the same. So if someone asks me something about a film I can tell them most likely that entire scene its relation to the rest of the plot and if it has any connotations to an entire series. But I fear that people will just think I’m weird like I’ve watched this stuff constantly but I’ve probably watched it 2 or 3 times.

Wear more outlandish clothing, like that of an art student (you can picture that type of eccentric style) but I prefer to just wear jeans, plain t-shirt and cardigan. I just feel the clothes look wrong on me.

Draw in public on my own. I’ve only drawn in public sitting in Patisserie Valarie in Lincoln when Gwen came up to visit, and we were sitting in the big front window and I was drawing the building opposite when I looked back up at it and suddenly found myself looking at this middle aged man who was looking through the window at what I was drawing and jumped quite a bit. It was just a shock he was that close to the window staring at my work and I just really didn’t expect it. But my blissful ignorance is shattered and it’s put me off going to the park on a nice sunny day and sitting there drawing because I’m just really nervous people are going to loom out of the flowers and stare down at me.

So from this snippet of my life I think we can deduce I am a wimp essentially. I want to be a little mouse hiding in the corner of a room and not get noticed. Ooooh this blog post has turned out to be very thought provoking and I’ve done two blog posts in a week, YAY!  Ah the little things in life 😉

au revoir


PS Also is that correct grammar in the title? I  can’t tell.


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4 Responses to If I was several shades braver

  1. I’ve had my hair blue in the past, it does go back. And pierced my nose (you can’t tell now)… you should treat yourself to a crazy makeover 🙂 I look very boring and normal now but I used to be rather funky in my student days, It’s all good fun.

  2. The red hair dye I sometimes use on my ends starts to fade after 6-8 washes. And I didn’t know you wanted your ears pierced! I’ll do mine again if you do yours 😉
    Gwen x

  3. Brian Hughes says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Doctor Who. Especially now John Hurt is the new Doctor.

  4. Well Gwen I’m now more tempted for the earrings maybe that will be my first step into being braver. I still think that somehow not matter how soon it washes out I won’t be able to dye my hair red even though I would like to.

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