Touching Base

You’d better come in, I’m a little busy but it’s raining outside and frankly, you look awful. Here’s a towel.

I’ve a few things to mention.

  1. When I took up the broom to sweep the kitchen floor and the head fell off, I thought it might be a bad omen. But no, I think I’m good.P1100985
  2. I’m in the throws of packing for cub camp, I leave tomorrow evening, and I could leave preparation for tomorrow afternoon, but I suffer from packer’s despair. This is where starting to pack with less than 24 hours to departure causes me to panic, and feel that I am unable to get everything in to the bag with only, I don’t know, five hours. All practical functions shut down and I stand in my room with a towel dangling from my paralysed fingers and disarranged clothing spewed across the floor.
  3. This is half a pot of pineapple chunks. I have eaten the other half, but I feel too much pineapple in one sitting could lead to awkward consequences. So it remains.P1100995
  4. This is a birthday cake that I’m working on for tomorrow night. I have to wait for the food colouring to dry before I can do the next bit. Waiting is a drag.P1100989
  5. I hope I put dinner in the oven early enough, that pork could be chewy.




About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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