What’s in my Fridge???

No literally, what on earth is going on? I go to my fridge, open the door to get milk for a nice cup of tea I’m brewing and I am faced with this…


Its alive!!!!!

Its alive!!!!!


Somehow this cabbage that was cut in half is now growing again; and I find myself faced with two questions

  1. How does this happen? Isn’t it a wee bit on the impossible side?
  2. Does this mean we have everlasting red cabbage? Because I have to tell you after spending a double science lesson in year 7 boiling red cabbage in vinegar it really puts you off, especially when its 15 beaker-fulls on the go.

So the weird and wonderful cabbage is my input on the blog for this week. I hope we don’t get any more weird and wonderful vegetables because we all know how that ends…

au revoir



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to What’s in my Fridge???

  1. mum6kids says:

    Now dearie, didn’t I warn you about feeding the aliens?

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