What Am I Doing?

Now that I have finished uni for the summer its fair to say I should be doing something, thing is it doesn’t seem to be my original plan. So come the last term of uni I resolved I would get a job. And that kind of went out the window very quickly, but with good reason I started drawing again. Yes that sounds stupid because I draw all the time but I don’t at uni for a start I rarely get to sit down and draw just because of time constraints and (which surprised me) I didn’t feel very comfortable drawing at uni at first. I’ve always drawn absolutely everywhere but being in such a new environment really rattled me at first it wasn’t until late into the first term nearly as we were about to leave that I started to draw again. And dear readers if you’re wondering how I managed to do the weekly doodles without drawing I admit I cheated many of those scans are several years old I just went on a scanning spree with my artwork.

 But anyway I ramble, the point is I’m drawing again but specific things, the mice who will no longer be called the Wedgewood mice for reasons of copyright and china patterns (I do need to think of another name for them, all suggestions welcome) stuff for Gwen which I need to start getting back to, and a bunch of fairies who have just made it to the blog. So all this instead of getting a job because I’m (hopefully) going to sell some prints on the old tinternet. Minor drawback, aside from the look of mild concern I occasionally find myself giving myself of are you absolutely insane???, but then I remind myself a little shakily well you’ll never know until you’ve tried. Anyway aside from that, I need to finish said drawings and that is going slower than I had hoped. Mostly because I procrastinate and don’t learn but also because I have bursts of inspiration about things so the current favourite at the moment is the mice but at the very beginning of the month and the end May it was Gwen’s stuff. And now I’m going back to Gwen’s stuff after a gap of about two/three weeks.

And many apologies for the increasingly bad sentence construction and grammar my English teachers would have a heart attack at this point.

So yes that is what I am doing among other things like trying to keep on top of the house starting with war on the kitchen, our kitchen hasn’t been reorganised since we moved in 16 years ago and its actually going well. Also I’m doing the laundry and trying to keep my room tidy (which I’m failing dismally at) and watering the plants. Being social as well another important one and trying to get up in the morning because I want to stick to some sort of routine it hasn’t gone well so far.

And as of last Saturday I am trying help make my aunt’s house ready for her to move in so I’m learning how to put wall paper up and various other decorating stuffs.

Well if you’ve reached this far without giving up I applaud you have a gold star this turned out a lot less coherent than I thought it would. And while I would usually try and blame the fact its 3:00am, it’s not its 8:53pm. Well that says it all really, toodle-pip and all that dears.

au revoir



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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