Week 20 of the Doodles

Well, its all go at the mo’, its the day before the Garden Party and I’ve been cleaning the house and trying to bake. But also trying to put my room back together, after taking it apart to put up the new wardrobe and another set of shelves (yes my room is fast becoming a library but I like it) the shelves final went up this morning and so I’ve been going round like a mad weasel making jelly with my fingers crossed and vacuuming every room in the house. As I’m becoming a little pushed for time usually I would hide certain rooms from guests but my mum is coming back from a trip to Malawi tomorrow as well and so the house must be clean. It’s not been helped by my family, for instance dad decided last evening that he should change the light fitting in the utility room, a room I cleaned two days ago. So of course he got plaster dust and small chunks of plaster all over the carpet, the washing baskets and he walked it from under the light fitting to the garage. Cheers dad! But regardless of this here is the doodle.

The goblins appear to have lost something

The goblins appear to have lost something


Ummm not really sure how to explain this one, apart from the fact its half finished but I recently discovered Brian Frouds illustrations of goblins after googling goblins expecting  Hobbit related stuff I was looking for and came across  picture of an entirely different set of goblins. And yes I know I’m insanely late for this party by about 30 years but in my defence I wasn’t born 30 years ago so I couldn’t join in at the time. 

au revoir



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