Week 23 of the Doodles

I never thought I’d say this but I’m exhausted after a whole day on wordpress finding eleven people for that award it was ridiculous and being unable to discover here all the about buttons were on the different blogs made me realise exactly how little I know about how to use the tinterweb and wordpress and absolutely everything.

By the pricking of my thumbs something witchy this ways comes

By the pricking of my thumbs something witchy this ways comes


Here is your weekly dose of doodles one I finished yesterday; I added in the background yesterday after doing the drawing of the witch about a year ago. And I know it is far from Halloween but I don’t witches should be confined to then mainly because I think of witches like the Worst Witch from my childhood. This drawing is actually inspired by a portrait that hangs in Cackles Academy Hall. Not that I’ve been watching all the episodes constantly to have picked out this at all….

au revoir



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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3 Responses to Week 23 of the Doodles

    • Hi Sista Sertraline sorry I’ve taken so long to find this comment my laptop took a holiday to York with my parents and I’ve only just caught up with it. 🙂 But thank you so much for another lovely award, it seems to be our year this now! We’ll try to get on this as soon as possible, once I catch to up to Gwen in Scotland.
      Gwen & Elinor

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