Edinburgh Fringe by Street

Yo I’m so street…ur god no, I was going to do a whole street talk inrto paragraph but I cant bring myself, it’s just to excruciating, plus I don’t thing I even could, I’d have to get my Wire DVDs out to remind myself of the slang.
Anyway I’m obviously not talking cool, baggy trousers drug street, I’m talking juggling, banjo playing handstand street. While up north with Elinor last weekend we were lucky enough to catch some of the Edinburgh Fringe festival, an arts festival with venues all over the city where you can catch live comedy, monologues, plays, music and more. But just in case you can’t even organise yourself to walk through a doorway to see something inside, or perhaps you’re claustrophobic, they have made the fun even more accessible by having it all over the streets too. There are street performers in the form of jugglers, rock bands, world musicians, living statues, acrobats and all sorts of other weird things. No one is walking out of Edinburgh unaware that there’s a festival on. It really is worth a look.

This guy was really disconcerting, he did some amazing handstands on wooden blocks- five under each hand- he would stack them up carefully on his bench as he did his spiel, but it was so windy that they would just keep collapsing. While up on the blocks he somehow knocked three from each side out so that he travelled head first towards the bench but stayed in his handstand.

P1110973 P1110970

Super Scott the knife juggler was very entertaining, he also had extremely good hair, hair like that must take years of practice.


The hot Seats where a folk band (but I suppose you guessed that from the picture) playing in a flee market. A little girl was free styling a little dance in front of them and I have to say she had some moves. I bought the album from the case, a pinch at five pounds considering the money you can spend in HMV, and we listened to it in the car on the way home.

P1110998 P1110982

Then we were walking down the Royal Mile on the Sunday afternoon all kitted out in our sturdy boots for a walk on the Crags. In the middle of the street a crowd was gathered and a street performer had a gigantic unicycle and some batons that looked set to be set on fire. I mean what are you gonna do? We stopped to gape at him naturally.


And here is a man in a bucket.



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