Week 25 of the Doodles

Yes it’s Friday and I’m later with this than I thought I would be, I meant to write this yesterday and just click post this morning because I knew I would be busy all day today. If your curious usually the reason these posts go up about this time is because I forget, but that was rather a given wasn’t it? So we are currently ‘packing to go home’ which actually means my parents have thought of a plan of action for tomorrow and are currently playing  a card game called Spite & Malice. I being rather lazy and having just about enough of trains for one week decided to continue hijacking my parents holiday in Yorkshire, which has been rather fun. I will post some pictures I took of both of my acquired holidays later on.

Dissuading Cinderella

Dissuading Cinderella

But now we have the doodle I alluded to last week as rather difficult did take all day to draw and I now feel very respectful to anyone having to draw a crowd, they are so boring and trying to make people look just that little bit different is rather frustrating. Yes I admit it I may have gone overboard on the fantasy element in this. So this originally came to me as a sketch on one of my doodle sheets an alternative to Cinderella’s story the mice try to dissuade her from going to the ball and meeting the prince. Whether these are my mice who have jumped ship (or gravy boat) into the fantasy arena into Cinderella’s story or her own mice I leave entirely up to you.

au revoir



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