Week 26 of the Doodles

Oh dear I go from being so prepared last week to being completely unprepared this week. Damn. Though its not as though I have been doing nothing I have in fact spent much if the week painting; however none of those pictures can go up on the blog. So I have done nothing new, and am now trawling through all my art cans thinking Aghhh! I need to find something! Quick! Because I want to get on with my packing for camp and finish my paintings. So I turn to Shaun the Sheep and Nick Park at Aardman to save me from this headless chicken spin I’ve got into.

The Pigs Tea Party

The Pigs Tea Party


Yes its the pigs and yes they have done this scene in an episode of Shaun the Sheep I believe if memory serves it was the one with the golf clubs. And yes I freely admit I watch Shaun the Sheep; it is one of the few children’s programmes that is actually good still and hasn’t been turned into pathetic mush and yes I am talking about the heinous crimes that have befallen Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine. But regardless I shall take deep calming breaths (in and out, in and out) and own up that I have cheated here in that this is a copy of a scene and rights and all that Jazz go to a sheep named Shaun who doesn’t miss a beat and likes to muck about with those who cannot bleat….Ahem yes I mean Nick Park and Aardman.

au revoir



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