Camping Vlogs!

Once more onto the breach dear friends with video blogs! And I write again in purple to signify that I’m writing for Gwen as well, not that I make a habit of putting words in her mouth. Well we went camping and had the idea to film a little of what happened so you can still get the joys of us and our chums being a little silly. So here are Day 1 and Day 3 those were the only days we filmed because I (Elinor) am a douche and didn’t film when we were actually doing something on Day 2 so that one was skipped; additionally we didn’t film decamping because we forgot (haha bet you didn’t see that coming!) I also ask that you forgive the camera angles and shaking it as very windy on the campsite. Also that you forgive the bad introductions from me and my excessive amount of giggling; when I don’t know what to say and am slightly embarrassed the default comes and I can’t stop giggling. Sorry. 

Anyway we bring for your delectation and delight Day 1 concerning the cooking of pizza in a frying pan, issues of forgetting your tent pegs and Mamma Mia playing in the background.

And now we return in Day 3 with less wind but more cooking (d’you notice a theme here?) and I’ve forgotten what was in the rest of video so watch it and find out. 

Special guest stars to myself and Gwen were Inspector Crocodile Binoculars (aka Winkles), Peej (aka Phil), Gemma (as herself) and Mr & Mrs Scott (aka Alex and Anna).  

Toodle pip!


Gwen and Elinor


About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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  1. “season, season, season!”

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