Week 27 of the Doodles

Ooh its Friday again and I am in Lincoln currently! I have just started moving back to uni and I’m on the top floor of our new house and I will later do a blog post about it later with a tour. My biggest issue is that the ceiling is quite low so I hit my head on the lampshade every time I stand up. My other big issue is that it’s bank holiday weekend and I’m trying to get home via public transport. My third big issue is an inability to use the front door properly, seriously it is the most confusing thing ever. Anyway I being ultra prepared again scanned in the doodle for this week yesterday so I can come to Lincoln and give you the doodle on time. Yay!

Mice Doodles!!!

Mice Doodles!!!


So this is literally oodles of doodles, this is one of my practise pages when I start a picture – if you hadn’t guessed I was doing a micey picture – I picked up this tip that when you start a picture you should do practise sketching first to help ease you into it, hence why there are so many mice heads. The girl with the sword is there because I was watching Merlin with my mum at the time and taken in with all the prettiness. The two scheming mice may or may not be appearing later on the old blog… 

au revior



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