Baby Bunnies and Contact Lenses

So it has been a while since I posted any talkie posts on the blog but I figured as Gwen’s absent I should pull my socks up and talk at you for a page. Well a couple of things have happened I got contact lenses in one day! After 8 years and 3 attempts I have managed it and I now feel like an absolute genius. So now if and when we do make another video it will be even more difficult to spot which of us is which. I should point that the lenses in glasses make things look a little bit smaller, so when I’ve got the contact lenses in I am now seeing things as their normal size, well everything looks huge to me now, including myself. Apparently its just because I’m used to seeing things smaller so it looks infinitely bigger and my brain will adjust it soon. I have only one regret that I didn’t place a bet with anyone that I would be able do it.

And now we move to the aforementioned baby bunnies; we’ve been awaiting the rabbit Domino to give birth which she has done yesterday morning! We certainly did not intend to get baby buns but for some reason it always happens to us.  Domino was sent to mums school to be kept in their animal house with the other rabbits while we were on holiday, but she had got a separate pen with four feet high walls and a four feet square base to run around in but she saw fit to jump the wall into the next pen which held a male rabbit and so at some point in the three weeks she was there she and this rabbit had a night a passion as my mum put it. So we know have baby buns! But they are buried in the nest Domino built out of her own fur and hay and newspaper, so I can only see movement and hear a little squeaking.

They are in there honest!

They are in there honest!


This is the only picture I have of anything; we don’t want to disturb Domino or the nest too much but at some point we need to count the babies and check they are all alive. If you’re wondering about the fur in the nest she ripped it out, it was quite horrible to see her doing that first thing in the morning but that’s how rabbits roll.

au revoir



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