Week 28 of the Doodles

Happy Friday everyone – I understand it happens to be the last day of the school holidays, and my sorrow for you all. Interestingly now my mum is a deputy head I don’t get out of school uniform shopping in BHS; seriously after 12 years required to wear school uniform I thought my torment would be over. Oh good Lord no, now I have to go with my mum to buy school uniform for her school to hand to the kids when they don’t come in in uniform. And though I am starting my second year at uni the woman at the counter when presented with a eight pairs of girls trousers and eight pairs of boys trousers and 14 boys shirts she assumed it was for me and we were stocking up for the year. I at this point was quite hot and sick of the noise of squealing children and school uniforms altogether so rather indignantly replied “I’m at university!” which I regret the level of indignation I had, I could have just done it as a jolly comment. This shopping spree also bizarrely extends to shoes, we bought two big bags worth of shoes from Primark and yes we got strange looks.




Anyhoo it is doodle time, and this time I have a picture from my trip to Edinburgh, its Greyfriars and I have to say its one of my favourite bits of Edinburgh. And Gwen was correct in her surmise that almost immediately after I sat down in Greyfriars I was gonna start drawing, and I fulfilled her expectation of me spectacularly. I also got overwhelmingly (and rather embarrassingly) excited about a name on a gravestone which I have included in the picture but because I’m an idiot it got cut off in the scan. It was John Watson’s grave and you could tell I was Sherlock fan.

au revoir



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