Week 29 of the Doodles

So its that Friday time again and I have been bitten again by some small insect and it might possibly be infected again. It certainly bloomin’ hurts and itches. I don’t whether I’ve mentioned this before but I hate midges and mosquitoes they always go for me. The bunnettes are thriving and are now 9 days old and getting very big, we’re expecting them to open their eyes tomorrow and I think that’s when they’ll start becoming more independent. I really cannot wait to hold them they’re so cute and fluffy now; we have seen Domino suckle them which you don’t normally get to see but I can understand why she’s so hungry all the time, those bunnettes are so greedy!

Hmmm...to kiss or not to kiss. That is the question.

Hmmm…to kiss or not to kiss. That is the question.

Well its another fairy tale picture today, I actually don’t know of the story where the Princess has to kiss the Frog Prince; from when I was growing up I just knew it was apparently something Princesses did. So I reckon they’d have a sort of ‘Princess Guidebook’ that tells them how to identify things like Frog Princes because really how are you going to know? I seem to be getting into a bit of a fairy tale rut at the moment don’t I? The only reason I can think to this I like drawing the extravagant stuff, its fun and slightly childish but come on who doesn’t like the childish stuff just a little bit?

au revoir


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