Week 30 of the Doodles

Oh dear I’m afraid I’m rather embarrassed by this weeks doodle because I rushed it in the last 2 hours it was half painted and I went and ruined it. Poo balls. Still I have very good reason for having rushed and ruined the painting (other than I’m an idiot) I have at what I call DIY Boot Camp, which is otherwise known as my aunts house. I have been putting wall paper up for about 8 hours, so I am now very well versed in wallpaper with a small and intricate pattern on high ceiling rooms in a Victorian terrace which is grand. I feel very proud of myself for now having more DIY skills than either of my brothers. I also put up a shelf last night in my room; though I did get dad to help because I had difficulty getting through the brickwork. Trust me trying to put up  shelf in our house is hell because an idiot did something to the walls, the floor, the roof, you name he did something to it. Oooh and I put up my pictures which have been floating about in my room now for the best part of a year and some wall stickers because there is very little point in spending time and money redoing my room now. I’ll save the design in my head and to be perfectly frank the smudges and stuff on the walls can be covered with the IKEA wall stickers and a few pictures and it looks as good as new.



Well the doodle, hmmm yes the doodle. I ruined the floor, its meant to be a gravel path and I botched but hell what can you do. I realise now I should have just used paving slabs instead, they would have took the shadows and lighting a lot better. I am trying to learn how to use lighting in pictures and its very difficult so this is one of several various attempts. There was also a minor eye liner incident. Anyway, I should probably get on and explain what prompted this; essentially its another fairy tale idea and everyone is having conferences at the ball because no one is entirely sure what’s going on. So we have in the foreground two young ladies discussing the two young men who stand on the balcony also chatting, while the two old women gossip in the wisteria walk. Well I bid you all adieu because I’m quite tired and hope you have a lovely weekend,  

au revoir



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