Week 31 of the Doodles

Yes I’m late, shoot I was doing so well but like with a previous one of these doodles I was at a friends having a bring and share dinner till gone midnight and as I’d spent the day up a ladder painting a pair of window frames. But also the bunnettes have taken another step in their growing up Blackie made it out the cage following Domino. It took him a little while to get up and out and when he did he sort of flopped down and looked around a bit. Unfortunately they’re still nervous of being picked up, so when I tried to pick him up to put him back he promptly ran away under the chair. Domino at this point was happily flopped out in the middle of the floor, then she got up and went over to the commotion and followed little Blackie under the chair. We did get hold of Blackie and he got safely back into the cage but now we have to shut the door to so Domino can open it but the bunnettes can’t. Tomorrow we have to clean out the cage so I’m going to have to corral all the bunnettes and Domino. Yay. Still this is a break from my fairy tale style, and the mice for that matter; but I  like this stuff too.

The Kraken! (copy)

The Kraken! (copy)

So owing to the amount of stuff I’ve been doing in DIY boot camp I neglected to do my weekly doodle until very late on Friday night when I was at Alex & Anna’s and so I copied the label off the Kraken Rum because its such a pretty bottle. And even though this is a drawing of a giant celophod destroying a ship and technically speaking probably killing people I like the movement and the detail so I have reproduced it for you. Rights and all that classical jazz to the Kraken Rum guys.

 au revoir



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