The Prospect of Packing

Have I ever told you how much I hate packing? I hate the hassle of going through everything and picking out what you need and every time I pack for anything I mess my entire room up. I just can’t seem to help it, every time I left for uni the previous year my room would be a tip from where I’ve tried to find everything I need to pack and it was the same coming and going I would leave uni messed up and home. So as I’m going back again at the end of the week I’ve been trying to pack in stages, well I can honestly say that the brilliant full-proof plan I’d had is neither brilliant nor full-proof and my room is a complete tip.

Even when I pack for camp it all ends up in a mess with my wardrobe strewn over the floor as I tried to find various items of clothing, rethought 10 times about how cold it will be (and more often than not I will get it wrong and be cold) found torches, batteries, cameras, water bottles the works. and everything will be on the floor. And then I’m only packing 1 rucksack of clothes and 1 rucksack which has a towel in it and a blanket; hardly extravagant.

Packing for uni is worse because you have to pack your life up all over again and move it. I hate doing it particularly now because I’ve been settled in Brum for four months and its sort of a miserable feeling when you see your life packed up in front of you. It looks so small and insignificant and pointless because that’s you in the boxes and it doesn’t look like much. That is until you put it all in your parents car and then you feel worried you’ve over packed, when you find yourself squished against the back passenger window with a box of tea wedged against you to stop a box falling out when you go around a corner.

I think from this on reflection I find I am most definitely a messy person. Every time I did an essay at uni my room would be covered in paper; literally you could not see the floor or desk or bed. However there was good from this chaos as after each essay I would do a complete blitz on my room. Unfortunately this year my room has a lot less storage and floor space so I can’t do that. Damn you small double beds! (Shakes fist at sky)

So I will leave this moan now and try to make sense of my messy incomprehensible room and maybe have a cup of tea. If anyone has any suggestions on how to stop my messy packing please tell me.

au revoir



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