Week 34 of the Doodles

Yes I’m a little late this time again, but only by an hour and a half, hey on the plus side this is the closest I’ve come to Friday in three weeks so I think its good going. I feel I am developing a modicum of fresher’s flu two weeks in, I didn’t realise how tired I was until I slept in very late today, my plan of doing work today kind of failed then so now everyone knows what Ill be spending my Saturday doing. It also probably has something to do with me forgetting to eat properly because I keep forgetting that I have to defrost stuff, because last year we didn’t have a lot of freezer space so I never froze anything. So last night my dinner was four rounds of cheese on toast, at about 9:00pm because I wasn’t hungry till quite late and I’d forgotten to take out chicken.



Well this doodle came from my lecture, at the beginning we had a talk from the subject librarian which I’d already had last week in a seminar so I spent a profitable 10 minutes doodling  young lady and her dog who barked at birds. Then all I’ve done yesterday evening and today is take the scratchy doodle and turn it into a pretty picture. I’m certainly feeling very autumnal I’ve spent all day in a jumper and fluffy slippers so its autumn in the picture as well.

au revoir



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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