Books I Would (or have) Read Again

P1120670It’s not my job to drench everyone in misery, and so having written a post all about the books I never finished, I feel I should cheer everyone up with the books I love best.

1) Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
My favourite children’s book of all time, it’s the only book that I have ever re-read cover to cover more than three times, it balances tragedy and hope so well, and although the sadness in the book it often dwelled upon when people discuss it, I still think of it as an overall uplifting read.


2) The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde
This book gets the award for the best concept on which to write a novel; the portrait of a beautiful man which becomes grotesque and aged and ugly looking as he does terrible things, but his real face stays beautiful.
Also, the preface he wrote for the book is really interesting as gives you something to think about.


3) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency By Douglas Adams
I always pick this up when I want a laugh. It’s the bit about the horse, you just can’t beat that.


4) Crime and Punishment by Fydor Dostoyevsky
My favourite book. For me, it just has everything; suspense, sock, horror, love, guilt, humour, faith, and to the last page, the very last page! Everything is hanging until then. It is the most moving thing I have read, especially the passage in which Sonya reads to Raskolnikov the story of Lazarus (even if it did say ‘he stinketh’ which made me smile), I just love it.

I tag my esteemed college Elinor to tell us her favurite books, and any of you too,tell us on your blog or in the comments,



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6 Responses to Books I Would (or have) Read Again

  1. Anela says:

    I have actually tried to begin the picture of Dorian Gray…
    One of my favourite books is Little Women

  2. I like Great Expectations and Jane Eyre myself. I end up reading them again…and again…and again….somebody stop me! 😉

  3. P.S. Can I have a custard cream too?

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