Week 35 of the Doodles

Strike me pink! I’ve managed it first time in three weeks and we’re rolling in on time on Friday! Everyone celebrate with a cuppa! Well for my mild summary intro thing of my week: I’m having a mild freak out. All my modules bar one have given me deadlines at the end of the month, October 31st Halloween. This theoretically should not be a problem I only have roughly 3,500 words combined due in, but one of my hand-ins is an actually presentation; and this is where the freak out starts. The freak out gets worse when I become aware of the amount of reading my tutors want me to do as seminar prep, for one module I got 98 pages of reading for a single module, most of which was repeating the same thing as the lecture and which we also then didn’t discuss because we were analysing these paragraphs from Vesalius’ The Fabric of the Human Body; while we were meant to spend half the seminar watching a recreation of Vesalius’ dissection anyway which already annoyed me because that was going to take up  half the seminar. So this week I spent from Sunday evening to Thursday morning trying to complete all the reading for my modules and in each module they kept on reminding us about all the essays we have to do. So I’m a happy bunny as you can probably tell. On Wednesday night I was really pissed off by it all  particularly when I heard most of my housemates go out and I honestly nearly did cry I felt so pathetic but its so annoying that I’m stuck all the time in this vicious circle of work and I don’t even get a reading week! The Dance course does, the History course does not. Lovely ain’t it? I will apologise now for the amount of moaning in this post, I’m sorry but I haven’t actually been able to tell anyone completely because I was constantly holed up in my room under a pile of papers.

1920s girl...mostly

1920s girl…mostly

I am sorry for this sketchy photo as you have read I haven’t had much time, to do many drawings this week but this is part of something I’ve been working on for a few weeks. Its sort of 20’s, but not quite, I’ve never really liked the 20s hairstyles. This was a character sketch for the bigger drawing which is why there are notes on its and the legs seem to look too long, but I’m not sure if it just the dress dipping, what do you think? Have a nice weekend everyone!

au revoir



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