Week 36 & 37 of the Doodles

Last weeks doodle did not appear because I didn’t want to post it at the time because of everything. I do realise that this post will say that its posted a day late but I started writing it and then forgot about it and went to eat dinner.  Again I am sorry for the quality of these pictures I took them on my phone so here is an awkward shadow and the definition isn’t great so do bear with. Also thanks to Windows 8 being forced upon me by a bunch of…not very nice people, I can’t find the program that I would use to neaten them up!

Fly away with me

Fly away with me

Hey I’m doing better on titles for the pictures finally. This girl appeared on my lecture notes all decked out for travel with her carry case and of course who would not travel without an umbrella? t’s always a useful, you can use it as a weapon, to knock away branches in the jungle, use it in dance numbers and if its not too worn out and broken by the end of that you can actually use it to keep yourself dry.


Put Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don't Care!

Put Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care!

I also have a 20s fetish at the moment, not sure why I think its the Charleston dances on Strictly. I also have a slight fetish for scallop shell design as well. Enjoy your weekend dears.

au revoir



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