Vintage Cake Magazines


I came home the other night to find a stack of old cake decorating magazines on my desk that my Dad had come across while clearing out. His usual method of tidying is just to chuck everything in the bin in a merciless way, but for some reason he felt uncharacteristic compassion towards these old relics and decided to give them to me. I thought all you cake-ing subscribers might be interested in a little nosy at them.



P1120777 P1120780 P1120779 P1120778

P1120785 P1120782They are very dated looking now but some of the ideas are still nice and I think I’ll keep them for reference.



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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One Response to Vintage Cake Magazines

  1. Anela says:

    Aww, some of the covers are really cute! 🙂

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