Weeks 38, 39 & 40 of the Doodles

A-hem…Yeah I missed three weeks. Whoops! I’m afraid life has been a bit tumultuous at the moment and hence I missed the posts. But also hence some of these doodles are a little shall we say…unfinished? I have been busy particularly with work, trying to bug the people who own our house to fix the problems with it. And every time they do fix something, something else breaks! Their not always related they just seem to happen, like a radiator got fixed and on the same day the basement shower breaks; but then other things are related like in attempting to fix the shower they turned off the water which then buggered up the middle toilet. Right I cant do these in my usual way because WordPress is glitching on me a lot. So first picture is a doodle on my  seminar reading about feminism, I was quite bored, I have to say hence the lady from Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister I was working from memory on one of the dresses. Second picture is some character costume design sketches, if you’re curious I was watching Atlantis at the time so the long lace headdress/veils/cloaks they wear crept into my work. Third picture isn’t finished and it was meant to be the Halloween picture for the blog, so it is a woman taking a break after walking her dog, Cerberus, in the park on a evening.

Notes doodle again

Notes doodle again

Costume Sketches

Costume Sketches

In the park with Cerberus

In the park with Cerberus

au revior




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