Books I’ve read, books I’m reading…

…and some books I have not yet come to read. (name that quote)

Books I've Read

Books I’ve Read

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

I was the bookie person who walked around with a face full of shame because I had never read one of Britain’s (even the world’s?) greatest authors. This needed rectifying, and so I rectified with this classic, it sometimes reads very snappy, and sometimes drags like a lame donkey, but over all I did enjoy it and now I am not ashamed.

Cocktail Time by P G Wodehouse

The reading equivalent to sitting under a duvet and stuffing your face with chocolate cake. PG Wodehouse is always funny, frivolous and happy in the end.

Catching Fire

If you are wondering weather or not to bother reading the Hunger Games, I would say give them a go. They’re not revolutionary writing, in fact the prose is somewhat simplistic and clumsy at times, but the plot carries you through and is actually quite exciting. I also have to mention that though I thought the first Hunger Games film was a bit crappy, I just saw Catching Fire on the silver screen and it is actually really impressive. Do watch my dears.

The Book I'm Reading (spot the pink Lady apple sticker that was already on it in the charity shop)

The Book I’m Reading
(spot the pink Lady apple sticker that was already on it in the charity shop)

The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason

The real mystery with this book is; will I make it to the end? Because sometimes when I have been reading it I wonder if it would not have been more stimulating to place a bucket on my head and pass the time in that way. But there is just a little intrigue, a little spice, and I am reaching into the honey pot (excuse me while my metaphor switches to a different food group) to get it. If I find it I’ll tell you, if you don’t hear from me again, send out a search party, I may have died of boredom.

Books I've yet to read

Books I’ve yet to read

Mocking Jay

Now that I’ve watched Catching Fire it has reminded me that I want to know hat happens next.

Jane Eyre

Because every now and then you have to get your classic fibre.

Rats, Lice And History

I picked up this book from a charity shop in Edinburgh in the summer and did start reading it. It chronicles the history of disease, particularly typhoid, and it’s impact on humanity from the fall of Rome, through the medieval period right up to the second world war, and it’s really very good but I somehow lost it on page 66 and couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyway I obviously found it again (down the side of the bed I think it was) and I must get back into it, I might learn something.

Love love, Kiss kiss and all that,



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