Little Snowman Cake


P1120898 P1120892



His name is Jeremy and this is actually a birthday cake, the little birthday girl requested a snowman and it is Christmas time after all.

If you’re wondering, the blue base colour  is airbrushed on using the blue from my Kroma set diluted with vodka to create the pale shade, and then I used these great plunger cutters to create the snowflakes. I thought the robin would had a nice variation and detail to stop the cake looking to ‘flat’, which can be a bit of a problem with a simple request- the cake is easy to do, but looks dull. It seemed to have the desired effect though because the birthday girl ‘bagsyd’ the little robin for her slice.



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3 Responses to Little Snowman Cake

  1. Particularly appropriate viewing for today! It’s snowing like crazy here.

  2. Out of curiosity, why do you use vodka instead of water to dilute the colour? Can’t you taste the vodka?

    • Alcohol evaporates much faster so the colour drys quicker and you get less of a build up. It takes about two layers of spray to make the colour look even and if you spray onto wet it can start to drip/look crap. It’s such a fine mist that you cant taste anything.
      Gwen x

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