Mini Turkish Delight Cupcakes


If you were feeling hungry for facts about Gwen, then let it be known that I have something of a weakness for Turkish delight, namely the chocolate coated rose flavoured variety. But if you were just feeling hungry, here is my recipe for Turkish delight cupcakes. I did these pretty much spur of the moment, and with motivations of sheer cuteness decided to use my petit fours tray and tinny little paper cases. Naturally everything can be scaled up with ease.

As a matter of interest, most of the time if I am making a cake and don’t care to look up a recipe I work from my trusty basic sponge (300g of flour, butter and sugar with two eggs) and adjust it to what I want.

For the cakes;

100g flour


100g butter

1 egg

Two heaped tsp coco powder

A handful of dark chocolate chips

For the topping;

50g butter

200g icing sugar

1 tsp rose oil

A drop of red/pink food colouring

Beat together the butter and sugar till fluffy. Add in the egg and beat again, and finally the flour, coco powder and chocolate chips. Drop teaspoons of the mix into mini paper cases and bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes at gas mark 6.

Once cooked, cool completely because we all know that icing does not like a hot cake.

For the rose icing just mix together all the ingredients until smooth, then put into a piping bag with the star nozzle fitted. To pipe the rose, start in the centre of the cake, pipe a blob, then cutting into your blob pipe anticlockwise around the rest of the cake.

If you are feeling really fancy (perhaps Susan is coming over and you want to make a fuss of her) you can complete your decorations with marzipan leaves. I used the smallest of these cutters and then painted with gold lustre. If you cant be bothered to get your hand on these things you could try cutting out the leaves by hand, scoring the lines in them with a knife, and colour with a can of spray on gold food colouring now available in the baking section of the super market.




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5 Responses to Mini Turkish Delight Cupcakes

  1. Pretty! Although I’m not sure if I’d like the rose flavoring combined with the chocolate. How strong is the rose taste?

    • It’s pretty subtle, if you like rose creams then you would like the combo,I know some people don’t like flower flavorings at all, and I can see why, stuff like parma violets do taste pretty weird, but I still like them.

      • I’m willing to try anything once, especially if there’s chocolate involved. 😉

        I’m still looking for custard creams over here. Ever since you mentioned them, I’ve tried to find ’em at specialty stores, especially those that sell British food and drinks. Maybe one day, I’ll actually find some…. either that, or I’ll have to get some next time I visit the U.K.!

  2. Charisma says:

    I love turkish delight! I hope I try it soon, these look really good!

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