Ultimately the most depressing activity known to man. I have been looking for houses for our third year house since before the end of October and we haven’t been able to find anywhere yet, either the houses were awful or the provider had rented them all before we could view them. It’s extremely disheartening to be rung up and told that you can’t go and view those lovely houses this Friday because they’re now all thank you very much.

I have to say I’m becoming a little worried that we might not get a house at all or worse have to stay where we are. I know that sounds a little weird but after I left for Christmas one of the boilers broke and flooded the house, and so there was no heating, water or electricity which also meant no way to cook. It took several days for the landlords to fix stuff up and put in new boilers, then there was the redecoration process which still is not yet completed nor is it done well and after a week of not having hot running water or heating to certain parts of the house they have finally fixed the downstairs boiler. It seems that the maintenance people don’t communicate with the landlords or at times bother to turn up so it takes an excruciating amount of time for anything to get fixed. I cannot even contemplate staying here. Its too awful.

So I’m looking at houses, and feeling low as write down the information because I can’t help but think that they might not be available by the time I ring them. The lesson we learn from this is 1st of November book an appointment with housing companies for the earliest convenience because although we attempted that fitting it around 6 peoples work load and extra stuff is bloody difficult, if you’ll pardon my French.

au revoir

Elinor, the harassed


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2 Responses to Househunting

  1. westburybiscuit says:

    Yep, I know that feeling, property sites are hideously depressing to trawl through. Also the photos tend to look a bit like this:

  2. I’ve just looked through that link. Oh good grief that’s priceless! 🙂 Yeah some of the student houses have a tendency to look like that especially with certain companies.

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