Week 47 and 48 of the Doodles

‘Ey Up there ducks! The doodles are rolling in for the second time of the New Year a little late, some things never change. Otherwise how would you know it was me? Also weeks 45 and 46 I have decided to count as the doodles for Christmas and New Years, so my counting is now correct. Week 47 is late because I was moving back to Lincoln over last weekend and it was all a bit of a hassle and this week I have been house hunting and we’ve finally got a house now! I am such a happy bunny right now you all have no idea! But I’m trying to be quiet at the moment because its 9:21 right now and everyone is asleep apart from one housemate whose revising for her last exam today. And also there’s a plumber in the house at the moment and I don’t want to look like too much of a prat. Oh and an update on the state of our current house after 5 call outs this week with the basement boiler continually cutting out after an hour because of low water pressure and leaking all over the floor. They FINALLY figured out that it was because the condensation pipe is blocked so that makes the boiler think its got low water pressure and also sends the water back down the pipe to leak on the floor. Lovely. Took them a week to figure that out.

Snowball Fight!

Snowball Fight!

Anyhoo, here’s something that is yet happen this year in merry old England but I’m yet to give up hope particularly with the white Easter we received last year. Though even I have to admit this picture is just a tough too cheesy and twee. Also first drawing I painted with my new pen, it went alright surprisingly.



And this is a depiction of my feelings right now.

au revoir

Elinor the exceptionally happy


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