Week 49 of the Doodles

Hmmm…three weeks left!  And then I’ll have done a year, though I have now counted the weeks and I will finish a week before I started because of something to do with the way this 52 week thing works. Week 52 I am determined will go up on time, this term I have a 9:00am seminar for an hour on Friday and so I should be able to post the doodles on time, but as evidenced by this Friday it doesn’t always work like that. I went back to sleep at a bout 11 on Friday and didn’t get up till 2, then I kinda forgot it was Friday because I can switch off after 10 am. I still cannot understand how I managed to do 6 hours at school everyday when I can have one hour at Uni and then I’m so knackered I need a nap. I’ve done my first week of term B and oh good grief it’s scary, I now have a whole module dedicated to work for my dissertation. I knew it would come round at some point but part of me thought it would be half way through this semester. It is better this way, I know I’ve now got about 14 months until I have to hand it in, so I have to use the next 4 weeks to find my question and start work. Ughhh! Other news, we’ve been really hard core students since Thursday – we’ve been playing the Logo Board Games without drinking. That I’m claiming as another excuse for why I haven’t finished any doodles now, every time I sit down and to finish one somebody comes up the stairs and says we’re playing a board game, so I go and be sociable.

Northern Princess

Northern Princess

If you’re wondering, this is in no way based on Frozen, I haven’t seen it yet and I’ve only just listened to the soundtrack today because one of my housemates was listening to it and I thought that’s sound like fun. This drawing is inspired to some extent by the Oliver Postgate children’s  series Noggin the Nog, we have a mug at home that has a picture of Noggin and Nooka on it and I looked at Nooka’s dress and drew my own version. Then things got a little out of hand and it turned into a whole saga. But more on that next week.

au revior



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