Week 50 of the Doodles

By ‘eck we’re nearly at the finish. And I’m no longer on time, surprisingly. Well, its a horrible wet day back here in Brum, as I was walking back from the train station I have to cross a small bridge and the lovely dears at the council put the drain in the wrong place, so there is a dip in the road where all the water collects but doesn’t drain away; with all the rain the cars going past were throwing up a five foot wave of water that got over the side of the bridge. I paused my drizzly walk home from the station and then took the bridge at a sprint during a gap in the traffic.



I did warn you I had a saga from last weeks doodle. Now we have a family feast! If you’re at all interested they are between courses and have just received a pastry castle desert filled with flavoured custard and brushed with gold leaf. I am given to understand this was a real pudding presented at a feast during the Tudor-ish period; sorry that’s what you get with a history student dears.

au revoir



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2 Responses to Week 50 of the Doodles

  1. Beautiful. I especially like the wall panels behind the family — great detail.

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