Week 51 of the Doodles

Well I had a very hectic weekend I’m afraid so no doodle on Friday, we had a three day birthday celebration for one of my housemates, this started on Thursday going out for cocktails at a club got back at 1:30am, got up again for my 9:00am seminar on Friday and then made a cake, and then went out for dinner at Harvester and then Saturday we had a house party. First time I’ve ever been to a house before, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it be I actually had a good time all on three vodka’s and coke until a really creepy guy decided it would be fun to follow me around, he had no respect for personal space and kept trying to poke me or hug me or stand between me and everyone else. I then decided it would be a good idea for me to go to bed and escape so I got one of my housemates to go with me all the way to the basement kitchen were I had hidden my keys and then we went all the way back upstairs to drop me off at my room. So regardless of that on Sunday I had to stay up all night to try and finish my essay for Monday morning and then do all my reading for my two seminars Monday and today – I didn’t finish today’s but I got away with it.

Hmm..I wonder what they're up to

Hmm..I wonder what they’re up to

So the mice are back and up to something, I know what they’re planning but I haven’t finished it yet so you’ll have to wait. I feel like I should do something very impressive for my final instalment – though frankly getting in on time would be impressive. Hmm…this requires thought and quick action I believe.

au revoir




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