I have managed to trap a nerve in my neck because I put my chair together wrong at the beginning of the year. I feel like a right douche to tell you the truth, especially since I have spent most of last term having neck pains, not being able to sit properly on my chair and noticing that my chair looked a little bit odd for a chair. Essentially I misread the instructions and put the support base thing on the wrong way round. I have since gone back and undone the bolts now and out the right way round but I did have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that I had put together all the IKEA furniture in my room with no help or fuss and everything was perfect. Now I feel like a dodo that’s just discovered why it was bad idea to drop flying from the list of evolutionary achievements.

Anyway that was last week and this shows how bad I am posting talkie posts – all of the drafts at the moment are mine on the dashboard it’s a little embarrassing. My neck is now much better but I noticed it would loosen up throughout the day especially if I had to go back and forth to uni in the day, so I was able to wash my hair without much difficulty. Unfortunately despite sleeping on a hot water bottle my neck would stiffen up in the night so trying to get up without a lot of pain took me awhile. The worse thing was definitely getting dressed because I couldn’t raise both arms above shoulder level at the same time and my right arm wouldn’t cross my body either. Brushing my hair became a fraught experience as well, I couldn’t easily brush one side and I couldn’t put any grips in it or put it up. So children from this we learn always check the picture before putting a chair together. Though I now do really appreciate how comfortable my chair is and also how uncomfortable the sofa’s are in the living room, I couldn’t sit in them for more half an hour.

au revoir



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