From Chicken Carcass to Chinese Meal


Spring rolls and egg fried rice

It wasn’t exactly a new years resolution, but I certainly am resolved to waste less food. Good fridge management I feel is the key, that and knowing what to do with left overs like a chicken carcass.

It might look like a depleted husk of poultry, but it actually harbours the juiciest and most flavoursome meat on the bird and to my mind at least, usually makes a better meal than the first go around. A hearty chicken soup is your classic carcass concoction, but this time I went all eastern and decided to make spring rolls.

For the spring rolls;

Filo pastry

A chicken carcass (but I think you’d gathered that)

A few carrots

Half an onion, or some spring onions would be even better

3 cloves of garlic

Ground ginger

Hoisin sauce

Soy sauce

Sweet chilli sauce

Olive oil

For the egg fried rice;



Soy sause


Begin by making a lovely stock. Park your carcass in a stock pot and cover with water, add in a few stock veggies and seasoning; an onion, a couple of carrots, garlic, bay leaves, a pinch of chilli and any herbs you have to hand. Boil for at least a couple of hours.

Once this is done take the chicken out of the pot and use a knife and fork to separate out all the juicy meat, I managed to fill a big bowl, remember to flip it upside-down and get all the meat from the underside. Drain the stock through a sieve.

In a large pan sweat down the finely chopped onion before adding in the chopped garlic and a teaspoon of ground ginger. Chop the carrots into little stick bits (technical term) and throw these in too, you certainly can add any other finely chopped veg you like, anything in the spirit of using up odds and ends in the fridge. Mix in the chicken and dress with a few tablespoons of soy, some hoisin and sweet chilli to taste.

Fold a sheet of filo pastry in half and cut don the middle, place a tablespoon of your filling on the sheet, brush with a little oil and roll once, fold in the edges and roll again. I got the knack for this to begin with, then lost it for a while and then got it back again, and so ended up with an array of shapes. You will be relived to know that they all tasted the same though.

Brush your rolls with a little oil and bake in the oven at gas mark 6 for about 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

P1130258 P1130255

No here is a confession. I cook my rice in the microwave. There, it’s out now and I feel better, I’m not saying you have to, so if you don’t approve of microwaves you’d better just close your eyes and pretend this isn’t happening.

In a microwavable bowl, cover the rice with the chicken stock, you may not need it all, and cook on high for about 18 minutes checking halfway through to see if it needs more liquid. Start scrambling eggs in a pan before adding the cooked rice, add the peas and season with as much soy sauce as you like.


This meal went down really well with the family and I’m thinking of doing the spring rolls as a nibble for my next party.



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One Response to From Chicken Carcass to Chinese Meal

  1. Anela says:

    Looks yummy!! 🙂 I love springrolls!

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