Leatherbound Love

Lether bound love...

Not as kinky as it sounds I promise you, because the beefy hunk I refer to is a much coveted leather bound classic copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, a series of bindings by Barnes and Noble that you can drool over here. Why have I been waiting so long to get my hands on this book? This respelndent jewel of the fiction section cost 25 smackers to take home, and to someone who normally sources her literature from second hand shops for about 95p, and who already owns a shabbier paperback copy of the same title, that sum was a hefty, unjustifiable blow.

Enter the gift card acting as a decent discount and now this beauty has come to live with me!



The actual story is a classic most people already have the jist off, Emound Dantes is falsely imprisoned on the eve of his engagement, and returns years later as a mysterious and rich Count to exact revenge on all the people who were involved in his imprisonment. But vengeance, I find, never quite goes according to plan and things stat to spiral out of control.

P1130276 P1130281

Alexander Dumas is one of my favourite authors, you just can’t beat the swash and buckle of his somewhat over dramatic plots and characters.

Have you got any beautiful books you just want to stroke? Or do you prefer a dog eared paper back to a big posh volume?



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8 Responses to Leatherbound Love

  1. I too love The Count Of Monte Cristo. This particular edition looks so beautiful ! How do you manage to actually read it ? I’d have spend every two mins drooling over the cover 🙂

  2. Gorgeous book. I’d love a whole library of those — I’d be in heaven.

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