A thinkie-thought-postie-wost….

Dost thou not think the prose for mine title is the very quintessence of language? ūüėČ

So as is now obvious I am doing a second year of doodles. Mostly because it keeps me off the streets and on the blog where I should be. And I get the practise in for drawings, saying that my Monday morning lecture on careers and employability seems to serve that purpose brilliantly; though I am fast approaching the conclusion I am completely bonkers when I think of the entire world I have created surrounding those mice who inhabit the skirting board behind the dresser. It has grown quite exponentially if I’m honest from a single mouse snoozing in a tea cup, to an entire theatre set up and I have now got characters for all the mice with names. Saying that you only really see Munchies and Smudge at the moment because they’re the only ones to¬†have a set look. I don’t know how long this yearly challenge will go on for, it’s my mark on this tiny corner of the internet but it could get a bit boring.

Anyway I’m going to start a new¬†¬†challenge (sort of) now, at my customary time of way past New Years, I shall attempt to do talkie more talkie posts on the blog, though I honestly don’t know what I should put in them, because stuff happens, mostly parts of the house breaking, but other stuff happens because this is university and I really don’t think it should escape onto the blog – so in some respects my life on the internet is really boring. I have done something vaguely interesting today,¬†as far as uni is concerned, so I shall tell you (or you can go and have a cup of tea now if you’re bored already), I was one of the student ambassadors for my course at the Applicant Day, so I got an oversized t-shirt and a pay slip and a free Danish and hot drink from the Atrium (our on sight canteen thing) it was really rather nice. It was good to sort of look at all the prospective students and think “Hey I passed that hurdle” and it was nice to talk about how good the university is and the lecturers we’ve decided the way to bill Lincoln is the Goldilocks University, because its not too big or too small. And I feel very proud that I got my self up¬†at 8:00am on a Saturday morning and I wasn’t late (I was 45 minutes early), it’s actually a really nice feeling to have so much of a day in front of you. It’s certainly novel as far as student life is concerned.

Then I had certainly one of my most dangerous expeditions into town with one of my housemates, we were both really hungry and my head was pounding and my eyes were watering, the likelihood was we were going to faint. We were trying to decided if we fainted in Rackams whether we’d get free food from the caf√© or not. We made it home without such calamity though and I now have a scented candle.¬†It’s not what I went into town for but they didn’t have what I wanted so I thought¬†it would be nice not to have a totally wasted trip.¬†I’ve decided I can now be trusted with a candle despite all the paper I have in my room, if I put on the bedside table.¬†It’s got a really nice summery scent of Apple and Elderflower from M&S (here), usually I can’t find a nice scent, they’re either really acrid, soapy smells or overly sweet, sickly ghastliness. Does anyone else have that issue with candles or is it honestly just my nose?

au revoir



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