I Just hit the deck…

You know when you trip and catch yourself and think ‘oops, he he he, nearly fell over there.’ Well, I thought I’d done that. But then I realised I was still at a 60 degree angle and hadn’t caught myself at all, in fact, there were the floor boards unnaturally close to my face.
There is a small step in my house between the kitchen and the dining room, and I was running through the house, you can see what happened now, I just hit the deck. My little sister-who I was on my way to tickle as it happens- just said ‘that’s why daddy says don’t run in the house.’
It made me wonder when was the last time you as an adult actually properly fell, as in body slammed to pavement or a proper ‘oh my god I’m falling!’ fall? Because it doesn’t really happen that often to me, I trip of skid or slip all the time don’t get me wrong (most recently up the stairs with a glass of cider in my hand, accidentally throwing it over my own face), but a real corking all the way fall is rare.

Yours in curiosity,



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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