The windfall

I’ve been drooling for months. It’s a problem I know, but I think some of you will understand that when there is a set of books you really want you just have to go into shops and stroke them. I picked up the first of the Master and Commander set while in Hay on Wye last year and when I got around to reading it I found it, to my surprise, completely addictive.
Anyway, after pining over these paper backed lovelies for some time Elinor tuned up at my house the other day laden down with books. And what should she produce from her capacious bags but the first twelve books (for the are twenty one) in the Master and Commander series. Well, it’s an April Christmas for me and a fine chuck of extra Book shelf space for her, because the had been sitting in her house unread and she’d only just noticed them.

I don’t actually have room myself for them, so at the moment they are living on-top of my main bookcase, but re jiggering will happen and they will fit.
Or I’ll just find a sort of free corner to pile them up in and never do any book sorting ever. One of those.

P1130633 P1130631

Have you ever had a book bases windfall?


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