Weeks 10 & 11 of the Doodles: Take#2

Well I’d rather hoped I would not end up doing this and missing a week entirely but it couldn’t be helped really. Unfortunately I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon last Friday with all of the rest who usually feature on the blog and when I got back after being soaked in the rain repeatedly I just fell to sleep and then I moved back to Lincoln and I had two deadlines that I was in rather a rush to finish so I neglected you dear readers for my paltry grades. I have now officially hand in the last thing for my Second Year I am now a Third Year and good Lord is it a scary thought. Though it was quite nice out yesterday so after my hand in we went down to this really nice little pub on the corner and drank cider. I also forgot my scanner in the move back here so we’re back to slightly grainy pictures from my phone. And rather annoyingly wordpress didn’t save the rest of this post so I’m not sure what I said anymore. So I’ll try again, bearing in mind I have been out since on Pub Golf with the rest of my house, but I did not have a hangover in the slightest though I did end up staying awake till 5:30am because no one was going to bed.

Ink Dip Pen Study

Ink Dip Pen Study

For Week 10 of the Doodles we have dip pen ink studies, please excuse the pencil I needed something to hold down the page with. The two drawings from Stratford were not down in Stratford itself but later in a nice warm dry house, it was far too wet for any sort of drawing outside that day unfortunately.


Uncle Fred observing a besoddened Lord Emsworth

Uncle Fred observing a besoddened Lord Emsworth

And for Week 11 of the Doodles we have what I have been drawing on and off all weekend, a scene from PG Wodehouse’s Service with a Smile, a Blandings novel: Uncle Fred observing a besoddenned Lord Emsworth’s retreat to Blandings during his after breakfast hammock nap. It just leapt out at me and I have no regrets.


au revoir



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2 Responses to Weeks 10 & 11 of the Doodles: Take#2

  1. Medieval half-timbered cottages! Awesome.

    I’ve only read one of the Emsworth books, I’m more of a Jeeves fan. Cool post!

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