Hot Air Sprinkles

Just been morbidly looking at the date on my last post. Yes I KNOW. But it was actual busyness not laziness this time I promise.
Anyway, a while back I made this cake for a little boy who had requested a cake with ‘sprinkles on it’ for his birthday, no problem, you may think, stick some sprinkles over a cake and you’ve completed the easiest order of your life. Well, I wanted the parents to feel they were getting something more worth the fee and also to be able to hand something over that looked like, I, the supposed cake maker, and not the four year old birthday boy had made. In a word; Chic Sprinkles. Two words, whatever.

I ended up finding a silhouette of a hot air balloon on line and using my brother’s pen knife to make a stencil out of it. I swiped over a small amount of white chocolate ganache and stuck the sprinkles to that. Volla, Chic Sprinkles. Or something like that.




Been up to much sprinkling lately?



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2 Responses to Hot Air Sprinkles

  1. kimjoyh says:

    I love this, it looks adorable 🙂

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