Mr Givings

The mayo is going off,
But he isn’t going to risk it,
He’s not a daring man,
He gets winded buying biscuits,

He buys his clothes from Marks and Sparks,
Because the jeans are nice and plain,
He thinks danger lurks in skater parks,
And suspects gerbils aren’t ALL tame,
He doubts the strength of manhole covers,
And thinks your germs will make him ill,
He wikis the symptoms of salmonella,
After cooking on a grill,

He thinks your lav is a grab bay of disease,
He fears for his life at the tickle of a sneeze,
….but he grabbed your sleeve…

He as having a panic attack at the train track,
A fit of gusty breaths and sweats,
But he didn’t turn his back,
He saw your foot just cross the line,
And thought ‘my God it’s not your time,
‘It’s not my time and it’s not yours either’
He’s not a daring man,
But he wasn’t going to leave you,

And if that moment on the earth,
Dangling from your shirt sleeve,
Was the sum of all his worth,
Then from birth to under turf,
It would all surmount,
To he was scared,
But he made it count.



About Gwen and Elinor

Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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