Week 14 of the Doodles: Take #2

Ooops sorry blog I am neglecting you, but I am preparing to flee my leaking, mouldering Lincoln digs for the last time. Despite the mould and all the hell our landlords have out us through this year, I am a little sad to leave. I think that’s more because my Second Year is coming to another close. Still before I depart we may yet have the leaks fixed the maintenance men are currently in the house banging on the pipes, hence why I am hiding hungry and tea-stricken in my room, I don’t like having to move people when they’re working and I’ve never forgiven myself for opening the door on one of them and hitting him with it, though I couldn’t see him and he was sitting in behind the front door doing something to the floor – Well, that was interesting…I just broke off writing to you because the fire alarm went off in the house and then I couldn’t hear anybody move. First thing I did was text my housemate to see if it was real, now I should point out that in this house the likelihood of a fire alarm going off for a real fire is slim, the only times its gone off is when we’ve tripped the RCD switch so my caution to running outside with all speed was I think justified. I heard my other housemates downstairs and I went down to join them and we all seem to be of the same opinion our house was not burning down but all the same we congregated on the stairs in this bizarre paused expression of people ready to flee but not yet sure if they should. As it was it went off and I received a text from my housemate saying one of the maintenance men had a blowtorch going.

Beach Bunnykins!

Beach Bunnykins!

As I have been rather remiss these last two weeks and I have had a touch of art block as well, nothing seems to be finished or goes right at the moment. So you have a doodle from one of my last essay work, of Beach from Blandings; yes I have a recognisable fetish about Blandings, it’s becoming the fall back option for me doodle.

au revoir



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