Having the Builders In

Oh guess what we’re doing? We’re redecorating the hall! Again. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Anyone whose been through our archives will know that we did redecorate about four years ago. My family are by no means the type of people who continually redecorate to keep up with the latest style. No we wait until it’s absolutely impossible to not, usually when the plaster has blasted and a giant crack is running nearly 5 feet of wall. That is exactly the reason why we are redecorating after trying to fix the problem it didn’t work and the plaster blasted again.

Yes that is what my hall looks like curently

Yes that is what my hall looks like curently

So we have now removed the plaster entirely for the wall which is an inch and a half thick in places, and discovered the reason for the continually blasting plaster was the wall was put together well – very well, actually, its an old wall it was built to last – it was not however built prettily. The bricks don’t go in a smooth plane so air pockets formed behind the original plaster or render stuff so it kept blasting also only on some sections did they actually put a form of glue down to help the plaster adhere to the bricks, this being my house its only partly done with the glue so some bits won’t come off.

On your right you can see the uneven brick courses...

On your right you can see the uneven brick courses…

So the house is covered in plaster dust and Dad decided he should get his and Mum’s bedroom re-wallpapered at the same time, because Mum is in Malawi and can’t kick up a fuss – later I’ll update about what colour we will paint the room. Admittedly its never been down but that means we have to take everything out their room and put it somewhere in the house. Along with that it was suddenly time to clear out the loft; because of this Dad insisted that we couldn’t put any of my uni stuff away yet, so its still sitting downstairs. Admittedly my brother has stopped complaining that you can’t open the curtains because there’s so much stuff in the way (and you can you just have to step over a crate and then get on the armchair) he keeps on demanding when will it be moved so I kept replying when you help me move it. It certainly shut him up. Except now you can’t get in to the room at all so he’s stopped complaining now – he’s just complaining about everything else.

...and on your left you can see the truly terrible red painted plaster

…and on your left you can see the truly terrible red painted plaster

We’re now on the third day of building works and it requires getting up very early every day and I was fine on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday (despite going out the previous night) but today I am suffering. I cannot wake up, and as the builder is doing the stairs and the hall I have to be in the kitchen if I want easy access to tea; I currently sit in a not too comfortable chair at a counter that is really too low to sit at with a laptop. On the plus side I am going out later today so I’ll focus on that. Here is more of the hall in its current form.  

WP_002933WP_002932 WP_002931

au revoir



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2 Responses to Having the Builders In

  1. Hoo boy. I sympathize — no fun living in the middle of all that. But the end result will be worth it, I’m sure.

  2. I hope so 🙂 the house is putting up a bit of a fight, but at least the plasters up now

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