My Top 3 Books

Huzzah wordpress has stopped glitching on me long enough for me to do this post! Although it has given me time to do some serious thinking on the matter. I picked two books fine and then the third took a while, I found Gwen’s rules unfortunately severe. These were the best books from the list where I enjoyed them so much I read them all over again immediately – if its a really good book that is what I do. In size order my top three books…


Persuasion by Jane Austen.


Yes I know it looks a bit odd my blogging name is Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility – it is still one of my favourite books but I read Persuasion recently and really connected to poor Anne Eliott. Not for the romantic plotline but the way everyone behaves to Anne and how she is always complained at. I think everyone at some point feels like Anne and at the time when I read it I really felt like Anne – the last week I felt a lot like Anne again because everyone was complaining at me about the state of bombsite we called a house and then everyone else’s attitude to the redecorating. I did my fair share of complaining but silently on the blog. I like Anne and I like the book I think it is the least like a fairy tale of Jane Austen’s books.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.


And no, not because Peter Jackson made a movie of it. It was one of my favourite books as a child. We had it on cassette tape and it was the only thing me and my brothers could agree on to listen to on long car journeys. As I’ve got older I’ve liked the book more and more, I am pretty sure it was the means for me liking fantasy novels when I was growing up as I liked the Hobbit so much. Also the book offers great entertainment for Sunday afternoons without reading, when I thirteen I was looking at the map and the foreward very bored until I realised I could make the whole dwarf rune alphabet by matching up the words and so I then translated “Far over the misty mountains” into dwarf runes. Yeah I was a cool child.

Whiskey Galore by Compton Mackenzie.


I really loved this book, for once it was a book set in World War Two that actually portrayed the funny side of life – most books set between 1939 – 1945 always have something horribly dark and sinister lurking in them. But this one, they stick to the man, as my medievalist tutor likes to say, the way they get round the pompous idiot of Captain Waggett and how the people of the Todday islands don’t divide the world as us and them in the sense of nations, they base it on the people themselves they like Sergeant Major Odd because he’s a nice guy, the Captain is an arse and so they don’t like him. Also the dialogue is written phonetically so you really hear how these people sounded and it gives them another dimension which I really like. Also it has a glossary in the back which tells you what the Gaelic words mean when they are used.

So there’s mine, what’s yours?

au revoir



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