Week 24 of the Doodle: Take #2 – The Great Mousecapade!

Hmmm…I’m going out on a limb and doing a serial of drawings on the blog for the next three weeks – and veteran readers of our blog may have sniggered at that sentence thinking something will be late but I am one step ahead already here I have two of the drawings done already.

The Great Mousecapade! (Episode 1)

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In a dark corner of the labyrinthine tunnels and corridors of the mice’s home a plan is being hatched with the same amount of care and attention as a chickens egg.

For the stability of the mice’s society and general well being a highly-trained, cracked team has been formed under the name “The Biscuit Commandos”.

Their covert missions are currently being planned and coordinated by Smudge who has been on holiday in the tunnels under the Imperial War Museum and found some very interesting ideas that he took note of to organise this raid.

Tune in next Friday to see how well the Biscuit Commandos complete their mission 0f the utmost importance…

Appearing in this weeks episode were: Smudge, Midge, Marmite, Sweet, Munchies and Quaver.

au revoir



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Two bloging buddies who love tea and biscuits.
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